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Killer dust in UK schools

Asbestos dust still present in 90% of UK schools It is believed that every year up to 300 former pupils of UK schools die from exposure to asbestos dust along with 15 teachers. These shocking [...]

Tyre Manufacturing Giant, Pirelli, found guilty of asbestos related manslaughter for 20 staff

The international tyre manufacturer Pirelli has been brought to court and found guilty following the deaths of 20 former staff members. A Milan court handed down jail sentences to 11 senior managers and two former [...]

Stonehenge becomes asbestos dumping ground

Stonehenge becomes dumping asbestos dumping ground The famous world heritage site Stonehenge has come under considerable attention in recent months over the alarming discovery of illegally dumped asbestos at the £27 million visitor [...]

Treacherous toys pulled from famous superstore

Toy super store Toy R Us have removed a number of products from its shelves over the discovery of asbestos being used in the manufacturing. A number of children’s toys have been found to contain [...]

The fire, the pig and the courtroom

A man was forced to pay a bill of £25,000 to Cannock Magistrates court after illegally disposing of harmful asbestos sheets along with the carcass of a dead pig. Local Rugeley farmer Dennis Ward was [...]