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The Wizard of AsbestOz: Hollywood’s toxic asbestos snow

Image source: Ruthie Dawson-Pinterest Hollywood has many tricks up its sleeve when trying to create magical worlds for us to enjoy. The end product can be so believable that it’s hard to imagine [...]

A Town Called Asbestos: Canada’s Multi Million Dollar Asbestos Industry

Asbestos Mine Quebec Canada In the Canadian territory Quebec there is a town called Asbestos named after what was, up until 2012, one of its prime industries. With only two mines remaining and [...]

Asbestos Infographic

Asbestos is a mineral which has been used widely throughout history gaining momentum during the industrial revolution. Asbestos fibres could be found in everything from roofing to crayons until it was discovered how harmful the [...]

Ladyboys of Glasgow in asbestos scare

One of the oldest running and most beloved attractions of the Edinburgh Fringe festival has been canceled due to the discovery of asbestos. The Ladyboys of Bangkok have become a familiar face at the Edinburgh [...]

US Talc company pays out $13 million over cancer claims

Judith Winkel was awarded 13 million dollars by a California Court in compensation after developing mesothelioma from her use of Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder. It is believed from her use of the powder she developed [...]

Asbestos claims the life of Irish bus worker

A coachbuilder who worked for Ireland’s transport authority, CIÉ, during the 1970’s died at the age of 67 after developing an aggressive form of cancer associated with asbestos exposure. Noel Sweeney’s remains were examined by [...]